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The internet has become too centralized and our privacy eroded.

Companies and organizations know more about you than they should.

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The team at Projekt:ONI will be providing various tools and services to help you stay safe and secure online.


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How to Help

These will be provided free of cost to the public, though if you're feeling generous we do accept donations and we also will be selling merch.

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About Us

Projekt:ONI started at, a community of technology enthusiasts and hackers.

Don't be afraid! Not all hackers are cyber criminals. Sometimes you just need to know how to take stuff apart in order to help repair things. If you're heard the term "white hat," that's more us.

Community members with a variety of skillsets are volunteering time and resources to help design, build, and test these tools.

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The_Gibson, 3/9/2020

Last year at DefCon, I was inspired... hard... by a message that resonated throughout a few of the keynote talks.

We hackers had lost our ability to change the world... frozen in fear of what we had to lose.

The cDc spoke of it, but Bruce Schneier said something that stuck..."If it's for the public good, don't wait for permission."

I rolled that around in my head for months, and realized that had the ability to be the spiritual successor to the chaotic good hackers I knew (perhaps was) in my youth.

So after some prodding and reassurance, I worked to gather an initial team, and Projekt:ONI was born.

We do not relent.

ONI stands for "Optimistic Nihilism Inc." Yes things are going to shit, but we're going to try anyways.

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Contact Us

For specific projects, please check out individual repositories for information.

To contact the project lead, please contact The_Gibson. DM on Mastodon at or by email at

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Credit where credit is due.

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